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Gigi Color Down Under 0.21oz-Auburn Spice

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Color has reached the final frontier! No more grey days ahead. Rid yourself of unwanted grey and give hair down there a beautiful boost of color that's destined to brighten up more than your smile. Choose the shade that is close to your natural color, mix and apply. Set a timer and kick up your feet until it's ready to wash off. All you need is 15 minutes and a positive attitue and before you know it, you've got a gorgeous solution to the dismal greays that used to plague your nights and days. Nothing to mix except water. Our exclusive no peroxide formula does the rest. No lift. Deposits only. Just add water. Cover gray.

A great alternative to the more expensive products to dress up your betty. Hair color for your pubic area.

Kits Contains: Powder 6g net wt .21oz, measuring cup, gloves, brush, mixing cup and instruction sheet.

Colour Down Under (tm) is a safe alternate to traditional hair color for your most senstive place. It contains no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide so that you won't have to worry about the usual irritation associated with traditional hair color but please take cuation as there is potential for discomfort or other inconveniences if used improperly. Colour Down Under (tm) conditions as it colors, leaving hair vigbrant with a rich, lustrous shine. The ideal choice for color down under.

  • Fades on tone
  • Long lasting color
  • Mixes easily with water
  • No offensive odor
  • Easy to apply
  • Needs no peroxide; it's in the powder
  • Contains no ammonia
  • Adds highlights to natural hair color
  • Covers grey and partially grey hair

    Before you color
    Some people are allergic to hair coloring products. Allergies can develop suddenly. Pleaes perform the following skin patch test at leats 48 hours prior to each and every application of Colur Down Under(tm).

    Clean a small are of skin behind the ear or on the inner fold of the elbow with soap and water. With a soft cloth, pat the are dry. To prepare the test mixture, place a pinch of powder in a glass bowl and mix with water at room temperature to make a paste. Apply a small amount of the paste to the skin area with a cotton swab. Leave the paste on the skin, uncovered for 48 hours. If during this time there are no signs of redness, swelling, burning or irritation, the product is safe to use.

    (multi language instructions including English, French, Spanish)

    1. Assemble all of the items you will need: the small plastic bowl, small brush, gloves, a towel or cloth and protective cream wuch as petroleum jelly or cold cream.
    2. Please do not wsh or bathe the area where the color is to be applied. You should wait at least 24 hours after you wash or bathe to use the color.
    3. Use a small amount of petroleum jelly to cover the inner skin of your genitals. Be sure to coat all sensitive areas to help prent skin irritation in case any of the color acciently spills. Don't apply petroleum jelly on the hair you want to dye.
    4. Put on the gloves and mix the color.
    5. To mix the complete contents of the powder (which will make 2 oz of color) empty the entrie contents of the powder into the mixing bowl and add 4 vials of water(60 mil). For less color use the following as a mixing guide: 1/2 bottle of powder with 2 vials of water (3ml); 1/4 bottle of powder with 15ml of water.
    6. Gently mix the powder with water until all of the powder has been dissolved and the mixture begins to gel.
    7. Allow to stand at least 3-5 minutes prior to use for patch test.