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Spornette Italian Double Bristle Rounder -955XL

Extra large reinforced.

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Italian CollectionItalian rounder feature the finest wood and boar bristle, handselected and graded. Italian crafted brushes for those lookingfor THE BEST quality and workmanship one can buy...all ataffordable prices.

Similar to its sister brushes, this round brush features boar bristles and a wood handle. Unlike other brushes in this collection, the 3 1/4inch Italian Double Boar Bristle Round Brush features almost twice as many rows of bristles and the largest diameter barrel we have available! This allows for a tighter hold and more control on the very longest and thickest hair. The hair can easily rest on top of the bristle row for superior styling results. The Italian Collection is Spornette premier boar rounder collection.


  • 3 1/4inch barrel
  • Wood handle, almost twice as many rows of boar bristles as sister brushes
  • Best when used on the longest and thickest hairstyles

**Available Options**

Extra large reinforced.

Very large diameter reinforced. (diameter: 3 inches including bristle)